Happy New Year! Happy New Haircut!

1 Jan

My mother has been bugging me to give little Damien Crow a haircut! I’ve always loved Damien with his long, thick, helmet hair.  But yes, it was the cause of a lot of sweat on his face and itchy eyes. So I decided to bring him to the Kid’s Hair Salon just in time for the new year! Goodbye, hair! 😦

This is where he gets his haircut.  It’s called the Kid’s Hair Salon in Rustan’s Makati.  It is located at the children’s department.  I remember his first haircut.  He had to sit on my lap because he was crying so much.  But now, he sits comfortably in this red race car watching Little Einsteins 🙂  They have a wide selection of DVD’s for kids as well as toys and books.  When he was younger, they would even blow bubbles to keep him entertained.  But no need for bubbles today 🙂

The barber asked which style I wanted for Damien.  I chose “very short”.

So well behaved! (Proud mama!)

Needs a little assistance from his Yaya Sandra.

I’m so impressed at how the barbers here are so used to cutting children’s hair.  Kids move a lot and the barbers are so quick with their tools to avoid hurting the child 🙂 And they occassionally sing to the kids as well. LOL!

Almost done, Damien, almost done! Sit still, please!

Their haircuts cost P300. A wee bit expensive for a haircut but I don’t mind because I know my son’s in good hands 🙂 They also have a promo card.  After six haircuts, the seventh one is free 🙂

Damien loved his new haircut! 🙂 Happy New Year to all from Mama Crow, Papa Dante and Little Crow Crow 🙂 Have a great year, everyone!


2 Responses to “Happy New Year! Happy New Haircut!”

  1. Nellie Ann L. Tan (Tita Nenette) January 2, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Wow! I love Damien Crow new haircut, he looks more handsome and cute. Cathy we missed you last new year’s luncheon in Rockwell. Its nice to see Candy and Mable we love the salmon they gave us from vancouver , its so yummy with hot pandesal or crackers. pls thank them for me cause i dont have their cell no.take care and kiss Damien for me okay?

    • catcantada January 5, 2012 at 2:41 am #

      Hi Tita Nenette, thank you for reading my posts 🙂 I missed you all also last New Year’s Day! I was with Dante’s family naman that day. I will definitely tell my Ate. Hope we get to see each other soon maybe before my Ate leaves. Happy New Year, Tita Nenette!

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