Kids Go Nuts for Gonuts Donuts!

14 Dec

My son’s birthday falls on a holiday.  November 1, All Saints Day 🙂 So we had to celebrate his birthday party in school a week after 🙂 I looooove organizing kiddie parties, bridal showers, surprise parties or any kind of party actually 🙂 I was very excited to put together a simple party the kids will enjoy 🙂

I don’t cook.  I can’t even fry an egg. LOL! 🙂 I kept thinking of a place where I can buy fun treats for the kids.  My mother had this brilliant idea to get snacks from Gonuts Donuts 🙂 We were so lucky that at that time they had a special treat called Dip n’ Donuts with the Cars characters on the box PLUS free stickers! 🙂 Each box contained about 6-7 of these little glazed donut balls with a dip that came in several flavors.  Of course, we chose chocolate for the kids.  This box was about P40-50 🙂

My son absolutely loves Mickey Mouse.  Gonuts Donuts have these Mickey Mouse shaped donuts as well as other Disney characters.  It was so perfect for our Disney-themed party 🙂 These frosted donuts are the best.  They’re not too sweet.  They’re just right 🙂 Perfect with coffee for the adults.  Orange juice for the kids 🙂

Sometimes I crave for pizza but I can’t order a whole box if I’m the only one who’s going to eat it.  Well… Gonuts Donuts also has PIZZA! 🙂 And they’re cute, small and can satisfy an instant pizza craving! We got pepperoni 🙂 They also have Hawaiian, too 🙂 You should try these mini pizzas… they are so yummy 🙂

Damien Crow goes to a school called The Learning Jungle at the Fort 🙂 These are his adorable classmates and beautiful Teacher Kit and Teacher Bianca 🙂 I will post more photos where you can see more of their faces 🙂 LOL! In Crow’s class, there are 8 boys and 1 girl 🙂 Quite a rowdy bunch! I love it! 🙂 This school is the perfect fit for Crow 🙂

Look at their home-made elevator.  Here’s Crow showing off to his proud mama and papa 🙂

Crow enjoyed his party so much! 🙂 Kids really do appreciate everything! Just one look at Crow’s smile, I knew that party was a big success! 🙂 GoMOM! 🙂 Thanks to Gonuts Donuts! 🙂

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