Remembering VYTT 2016

25 Dec

     Before the year ends, I just wanted to share one of the best things that happened to me in 2016.  And not just for the year, I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life.  This life changing month took place in Yoga+ Salcedo Village, Makati, last February 15 to March 11, 2016.


I really had no idea what I got myself into.  I never really thought I would end up teaching yoga.  I signed up just because.  Just because I needed to deepen my own practice, maybe? Something in me just kept saying, just do it or else you’ll regret it.  So I signed up before the early early bird rate expired. Haha! Thanks to one of my besties and business partner, Isabel, who swiped her card on the day of the deadline. No turning back now.


So I went through the training.  Got up at 5am every morning to make it to the studio by 6am.  I am not a morning person.  But I just kept waking up every morning during the training excited.  Excited to see my co-trainees, excited to see my teachers, excited to start my day doing meditation and our daily asana practice. But I must admit, not all days were sunshine and rainbows.  There were days when I’d question myself again, “Why am I here?”  There were days when I wanted to give up and felt like I just wanted to get it over with.


After four weeks of sleepless nights, a million chaturangas, so much information on anatomy, yoga poses and philosophy all jumbled up in my brain, I did it.  I can’t believe I am a certified yoga instructor.  I am teaching yoga in studios, applying all that I’ve learned during teacher training.  It’s all starting to sink in now… why I did teacher training.  It wasn’t just about becoming a yoga teacher but I wanted to be a better human being. I am at peace with myself, learning to accept my own strengths and weaknesses.  And that it’s okay to be me 🙂

I look up to all my teachers.  I never realized how much energy it takes to lead a yoga class.  You give so much of yourself to people you don’t even know.  To my teachers, Neil, Aisa and Ryan, a big thank you for sharing your precious time and a part of who you are with us 🙂

To all my co-teacher trainees, I am grateful that I spent those four grueling and memorable weeks with you, couldn’t have asked for a better support group and family.


Powered by Prana Peeps: (starting from left, 2nd row) Ghia, Lina, Anj, Rita, Gia, Shaye, Dexter, Me, Svet, Kat, Ian, Marge and Anna. Missing in photo, Rosan.

Last but not the least, thank you to my family and friends who have been so patient putting up with no-sleep-ME and super-stressed-out ME.  Haha! You guys were and will always be my rock, solid AF.

2017 is around the corner.  My heart is open and full.  I’ve never been happier.



Kidzania: Where Kids Get A Glimpse of the Real World

9 Jun


This all began when Damien and I were invited to the H&M Conscious Event at Kidzania last April 15, 2016.  Thanks again for inviting us, Miss Cathy David! 🙂  It was a fun-filled event and the location was at Kidzania in BGC.

There were so many activities for the kids 🙂  Damien made a bracelet using old t-shirt cloth and also decorated pots for his very own plant.  I loved how H&M made the kids aware of recycling and green living.

After the activities, the kids could freely roam around Kidzania.  I was NOT expecting it to be like this at all.  I really thought it was just a huge playground where the kids can just play in different make believe shops, hospitals, etc.  Oh it was so much MORE than just that.

Before we entered Kidzania, Damien was already given a check from BPI for 50 Kidzos (the currency used in Kidzania).  He encashed it and now he has 50 Kidzos in his hands to be budgeted wisely.  Haha!


So apparently, the kids need to “work” to be given a salary! OMG. How fun is that??? For Damien’s first job, he chose to work at the Holiday Inn.  He was given a choice to be part of catering, housekeeping or reception.  Guess what he chose??? HOUSEKEEPING.  LOL!

He was given tasks like put two bottles of mineral water on the table, fold blankets and fix pillows, place slippers by the closet, etc.  Look at him clean up the hotel room so nicely!!!  That’s my boy!!! Oh and parents aren’t allowed inside so I couldn’t coach him much.  Haha!

And so he got his first “sweldo” here.  Hahaha!!! ALIW.

His next job was making burgers in Mcdonald’s.  For some jobs, instead of earning a salary, they have to pay a fee in Kidzos.  I guess it’s because they get to take home the burgers they make.  Look at the kids making their own burgers! So cute!!!

He wanted to be a construction worker next.  I love how the Kidzania staff are so helpful and patient teaching the kids what to do.  They must love kids.

Damien also worked in a Shell Gas Station.

And that ends our first visit to Kidzania… Damien was like “I’ll be back.”


A week after, we came back with his best bud and cousin, Caleb 🙂


Time to go to the bank and encash those precious checks!


For their first job, they decided to work in a pharmaceutical.  Caleb was so excited! 🙂 He told me that this was his favorite!


Then they wanted to be firefighters 🙂  They started off with a brief discussion on what to do when there was a fire.

Suddenly there was a loud alarm!  There was an emergency!!!  So they rode the firetruck and had to extinguish the fire in a hotel! OMG, how exciting!!!  Pati ako nataranta sa fire!!!

CSI was up next.


They were trained to part of KZPD.  Hehe 🙂  It was so cool because while another batch of firefighters were busy with saving the hotel from burning down, they were the cops who kept everyone safe and away from the fire 🙂

This is probably Damien’s favorite establishment… LOL!  The Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. Haha!  They get to bottle their very own Coke bottle 🙂


They also had the chance to work in a hospital…

…and Cebu Pacific as a pilot and flight attendant.  They had a good flight.

Another favorite establishment was LBC.

They had to pick some packages and push a trolley around Kidzania.


The kids also worked in a gym.  And while Damien was on his stationary bicycle, he kept saying, “look at me, Mama, I’m in Electric Studio!” Bwahahahaha!

And finally their shift was almost done.  In Kidzania, there are two shifts.  One is 9am to 2pm and the second shift is 3pm to 8pm 🙂  We did the first shift and when it almost time, they decided that their last activity was going to be dancing in the Kidzania Parade 🙂  Could the costumes be any more colorful??? LOL!


They had to rehearse for the parade and they danced around Kidzania.  I could hear Damien saying before the parade, “This is like the parade in Disneyland!!! This is gonna be EPIC!”  HAHAHA!!! A dream come true… for me 🙂 Haha! My closest friends know that working in Disneyland is my dream job.

And that ends our trip down Kidzania lane. This was probably one of the highlights of the boys’ summer vacation, even mine.  They already go back to school but I’m really so happy I was able to take them to Kidzania together.  Not only did they learn how to be firefighters and pilots but they also learned how to work together, how to accomplish tasks given to them and the value of earning and saving their Kidzos.

How I wish we had something like this when I was a kid.  Although my cousins and I had our own version of Kidzania back then.  Shout out to my cousins, Billie, Crissy and Valerie for playing with me when we were kids.  We also had our own restaurants, bazaars with play money, airplanes, schools, even churches (LOL! Remember the Haw Flakes as “props”???).  So I guess this is the same thing only much much fancier.  Haha!


So grateful for this friendship… More adventures to come, boys.  So much more to come! 🙂





To Pork Buns and Old Friends

5 Jan

       Today I’m thankful for the pleasure of doing my friend’s family’s makeup for their dear brother’s wedding 😀 To Tita Nena, Tita Carrie, Lala and Vic, thank you from the bottom of my smokey heart! Wishing Vic and Miggy a lifetime of love and laughter 😀🙏 And thank you, Lala, for the delicious pork buns from Tim Ho Wan ❤️  You all look so beautiful as always 😍


Here We Come, 2016! 

2 Jan

       Happy New Year, my dear friends!!! Let us start the year with some of Elvira’s Chicken and Potato Salad. Elvira has been our family cook since I was in grade school. We love her dearly and she makes dishes that always reminds us of HOME.

       Every January 1, we bring this chicken and potato salad to our family reunion. Always a big hit! 😀 Thank you to our dearest Elvira. She is truly family and we’ll always be thankful for her bringing delicious meals to our table and into our hungry tummies every single day 😀🙏



29 Dec

One of my mother’s friends recommended this restaurant in Osaka. It’s called “M” or Matsusakagyu Yakiniku. Must-visit daw when in Osaka. So dito pa lang sa Manila, nagpa-reserve na kami, table for five. Thanks to their online reservation. And thanks also to Dante for booking 😀 I believe they only have seven tables.

So we made it to our 6pm reservation. Hehe! Di kami naligaw. Yes, thanks again to our tour guide, Dante 😂  Well, at first when we got there, litong lito sila kung sino ba kami?! We said reservation under “Cantada” (my maiden name). Wala daw. Baka daw we’re reserved in another branch. But no, sure si Mother na ito yung branch 😂 Medyo ninerbyos ako kasi OMG, gutom na kami 😂
But anyway, to make the long story short, the reservation was under “Dizon”. LOL.

So according to Kuni, the owner slash chef slash taga-explain ng menu slash new friend ni Dante on Facebook, this was their bestseller, the Matsusaka Beef DX Platter 😀


So there it was… A plate full of perfectly sliced raw meat 😍


Look at that marbled meat… They say it’s even better than wagyu beef.


So Kuni helped us out 😀 he started by spreading this block of what seemed to be like butter but was actually fat 😂 OMG and my dad thought that it was some kind of appetizer 😂 he almost ate it! Hahahahaha! Buti na lang, he asked me first what it was and I’m like “I have no idea!” 😂😂😂

We also ordered some garlic rice to go with our beef platter. Soooo good!


It also came with some mushrooms, veggies and corn. Damien loves corn 😀


So there it was… Soft, tasty, melts-in-your-mouth beefy goodness. Oh my.  If beef were marshmallows, this would be it. Hahaha! Labo?! 😂 But you’ll know exactly what I mean.


We all had a great time here in M.  Definitely a must when in Osaka 😍 Winner siya!

Thank you, Kuni, for accommodating us! See you again soon for sure 😉🙏 Hopefully no more confusion with reservation names 😂 LOL!


We went to the branch called M Hanare at the 2/F Daruma Building, Namba, Chuo-Ku, Osaka City.  Make sure you go to the right branch.  LOL!

Happy Holidays! 🎄

26 Dec

Since everyone has been posting family pictures during the holidays, I just have to post ours ✌️😝

Merry Christmas, my friends, from my little family to yours! ❤️  I will try my best to post regularly again on my blog for those who are wondering where the hell I’ve been 😆 Been doing a lot of soul searching lately 😂 Whatever! Haha! Enjoy the holidays! Five more days before we welcome 2016. It’s been great, 2015, really. I will remember this year, lots of new beginnings for me. Hopefully, these beginnings will blossom into something special.

Ok, enough of the reflections. LOL!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!! Eat, sleep and celebrate life! ❤️

Fried Chicken House

4 Nov

Get ready for all my #missingOsaka posts.  Haha!  I so miss Japan and being with my family!  Cannot wait for the next trip.  Luckily, we all got a 5-year visa!  Hooray!  So we’re already planning our next trip.  Haha!

We enjoyed Osaka so much.  Food trip siya talaga.  I really didn’t shop much but eat… oh yes.  You can enter any restaurant here and for sure masarap yung food!  So yes, we entered this restaurant because we saw pictures of one of our favorites… Karaage!!! Also lots of pics of chickens on their walls.


Everything in their menu was Japanese and no one really spoke in English, so I apologize I don’t know what this restaurant is called nor the exact address.  Haha!  I am so useless sorry.  Haha!

Thankfully all their menus always have photos which is a lifesaver!  So I got my favorite, the katsu chicken with curry of course.  Hehe… It was 824 Yen which is around Php 321.00.  Not bad at all!!!


I am also so glad that Damien loves Japanese food as well.  It’s not hard to feed him here.  Unlike when we were in Hongkong, all he ate was fried rice.  LOL!


Photo muna with my parents 🙂


Hungry na! LOL!


Dante’s order came first.  Karaage!  So good!!! And their dipping sauce was perfect with the chicken 🙂


And here’s my order, chicken katsu curry!  LOVE.


My parents got the chicken with egg over rice dish 🙂  My friend, Isabel, said it’s called Oyako-don.  “Oya” means parent and “ko” means child… So the chicken is the parent? and the egg is the child? LOL.


There was no kiddie meal in this restaurant but Damien got his favorite… Chicken Tonkatsu 🙂


That one last breath before I devour my meal.  Hahaha! Bumebwelo lang 🙂


Yeyyyy!  Eat up, Little Bee! 🙂


Obviously enjoying his meal 🙂  Thank you, Osaka, for keeping my son well fed with your awesome Tonkatsus! 🙂  More Osaka food posts to come! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday, my friends! 🙂